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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Survey on Proper Behavior

Manners Matter! Yea? Nay! In the survey, conducted on behalf of The Wall Street Journal by GfK Custom Research Worldwide, 20,326 people in 20 countries were interviewed in September and October. Results were posted on Dec. 15, 2006 in the Wall Street Journal International Edition.

My own country has the best manners, said:
46% of Turkey
39% of Belgium
38% of Switzerland
34% of Austria
24% of Denmark

My own country has the worst manners, said:
29% of Romania
27% of Russia
26% of the U.S.
25% of the U.K.
21% of Greece, Italy, Bulgaria

Overall, who has the best manners?
16% said the U.K.
13% said Germany, France
12% said Japan
11% said the U.S.
6% said Italy

Overall, who has the worst manners?
20% said the U.S.
10% said Russia
8% said France
6% said the U.K., Germany
5% said Turkey

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