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Friday, May 09, 2008

Image on Wheels

Would you be proud of your car or embarrassed if you had to give your boss a ride somewhere?

According to a recent survey by Shell, 64 percent of those who responded said that they would be proud of their car. Here are the results of the survey:
Proud 64%
I don't have a boss 9%
Don't know 12%
Embarrassed 15%

Furthermore, the kind of car you drive and the condition in which you keep it speaks volumes about your personality. For example, if your car is clean and in good condition, it says that you take good care of yourself and your belongings. If your car is beat up, littered with trash, and hasn't seen a car wash in years, you may be perceived as sloppy, lazy and untidy.

1 comment:

Michael B said...

I know of one person who (as a part of a job interview) insists on inspecting the candidate's vehicle.

I agree that we have to be aware that people of importance to us may see or even ride in our vehicle on any given day. And I agree that what they see will influence their opinions of us (good or bad). And I won't argue that they are largely correct.