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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Casual Fridays become a casualty of the recession

In the face of a sluggish economy and almost daily workforce downsizings, some employees are paying more attention to their wardrobe -- convinced they can't look disheveled or too laid back.

From power dressing for after-work networking to looking their best for a boss they might see in the elevator, some employees are picking their outfits as if their jobs depend on it. In some offices, casual Friday has become a casualty of the recession.

Research suggests dressing well can make a difference. A 2008 survey found 41 percent of employers said people who dress professionally tend to be promoted more often than others in the organization. The bottom line is to practice "next-level" dressing. In other words, dress for the job you someday want.

While relaxed dress codes might be nice, casual Fridays often go too far -- as in this very funny episode of NBC's comedy "The Office," where Meredith, played by Kate Flannery, wears a dress that's much too short. (To enjoy, click below and don't forget to turn up the volume on your computer!)

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