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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"Good in a Room" Helps you Put Your Best Foot Forward in a Sales Situation

Have you ever tried to pitch an idea to your boss only to find that it was shot down before it was given a chance? Life is a series of sales situations in which many times you have to prove that your idea is as good, if not better, than someone else's. Sometimes it is what you say and how you say it that can make or break a deal or decision.

When the time comes to sell yourself, your product, or idea in a high-stakes situation, even the most experienced person can ruin a golden opportunity if they don't know how to make the right pitch. Even in a job interview, hiring decisions tend to look past differences in resume quality and focus on how the candidate performs in the room.

My friend Stephanie Palmer has just published a book that I think you will find extremely useful. Stephanie was MGM’s Director of Creative Affairs and her book, Good in a Room: How To Sell Yourself and Your Ideas and Win Over Any Audience, is in stores now. The book explains the pitching techniques used in the room by successful writers and directors and how you can apply them to sell spec scripts, set up TV shows, land directing assignments, and secure financing for independent films. I recommend it highly!

To read an excerpt or learn more, please visit

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