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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Write Stuff Can Set You Apart

While growing up, my mother always insisted that I write a thank-you note to every friend or relative who sent me a gift. Perhaps that's why I love to give and receive beautiful handwritten notes to this day. My idea of a great shopping trip always includes a visit to a stationery store since I love to splurge and buy beautiful stationery.

Since 1878, Dempsey & Carroll has provided fine stationery to political leaders, the social set, and Hollywood icons. The company's commitment to craft, exacting standards, meticulous attention to detail and warm customer service have distinguished its business for the truly discriminating. But you don't have to be rich and famous to afford this little luxury.

Since I travel so much, I like to send notes to friends while I'm on the road. This gold beveled card with a gold suitcase is one of my favorites. Send these when you want to leave a lasting impression and when a simple postcard just won't do. $55 for 10 cards and 10 tissue lined envelopes. To see Dempsey & Carroll's full line of stationery, visit their website at or call 877/750-1878.

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