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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Guest Blogger: Janet Spurr Offers Her Top 10 Beach Etiquette Tips

Today we have a guest blog from my friend, Janet Spurr. Janet and I met at the Maui Writers Conference ( in 2002.

My favorite time at the beach is when I get to experience the quiet moments which help to center me in a crazy world. There are few places left in the world, were we can just be and not have to do. In my book Beach Chair Diaries, Summer Tales from Maine to Maui, I try to bring that great relaxing feeling of being at the beach to all my readers. I hope that the next time you visit the beach, you'll remember some of these top ten beach manners.
  1. When walking on the beach, try not to flip sand on people's towels. When leaving the beach, take your sandy towel far from other people to shake it.
  2. Respect a person's personal space. Do not sit too close to someone else or another party.
  3. Position your umbrella deep into the sand, so it doesn't blow away.
  4. Keep your radio down so others don't have to listen to your music.
  5. If you smoke, move away from others, especially the people down wind.
  6. Don't yell into your cell phone.
  7. Take any sports, such as ball throwing, kite flying, etc. far away from others.
  8. While enjoying water sports, be sure that you aren't riding a wave on top of others.
  9. Do not feed seagulls, ever.
  10. Remember to pick up all of your garbage. Try to recycle and be mindful of sea grass, dunes and other environmental areas.
Janet Spurr grew up on Cape Cod, lives north of Boston and can be found at any beach, almost anytime. Her new book, Beach Chair Diaries, Summer Tales from Maine to Maui was created for the beach lover or summer person who misses it and wants that warm relaxed feeling year round. To order the book go to

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and I really love it. I love etiquette. I find far too often that I am running into rude people. People just don't know how to act. And it's the smallest things like saying "thank you" that their mothers would have taught them.

Thanks for your blog, I will continue reading it.