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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Travel Tips for Traveling Light

The single most important aspect of planning for a trip is the packing process. I travel quite a bit and thought I knew how to pack with purpose. But I have discovered a website that has changed my entire viewpoint of packing. At, you'll learn to pack just what you need without all the extras. As a woman, I seem to pack my share of extras. Some of my favorite items to pack include my Karen Neuburger chenille socks (, eye shades, and night light.

Since traveling is so grueling these days, it's important to pack a couple of items that remind you of home. If I am checking luggage, I travel with my sleep sound machine ( It is a device that produces a gentle white noise...a must if you are a light sleeper or staying in a noisy hotel. When I check into a hotel, I request a quiet room located on a high floor, away from the elevator or ice machine. You can even ask for a room that is NOT connected with another room for maximum privacy. If you are staying in a hotel for more than two days, you might consider requesting a refrigerator from the housekeeping department. Seek out a grocery store when you arrive and purchase a few of your favorite munchies. This will also save you some money (which your clients will appreciate). These little extras add comfort and convenience when traveling.

And one last tip...if you hate paying those extra charges for Internet access, invest in an air card. My Sprint Air Card simply plugs into my laptop and I have access to the Internet anywhere, anytime; except when I'm 30,000 feet up in the air. Got to run and catch a plane. Happy traveling!

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