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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Royal Etiquette? Michelle Obama Hugs The Queen

When Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II said to the President and Mrs. Obama, “Let’s keep in touch,” no one suspected that she meant it quite literally. When one thinks of the queen, “touchy feely” usually doesn’t enter one’s mind. Until now.

Her Royal Highness made it crystal clear yesterday at Buckingham Palace in London that she likes the first lady very much as she gently put her arm around her waist. In general, it is a breach in protocol if someone embraces the queen first. However, in this case, it was the queen who made the first move. Michelle simply reciprocated with a hug that looked like something you would see a daughter give to her mother. This bold move both shocked and warmed the hearts of all who witnessed the warm embrace.

Historically, the queen is not known for showing affection in public, or in private for that matter. It’s been said that her son, Prince Charles, complained on one occasion that he wasn’t given enough affection as a child.

This “touching” moment sparks the question, “Could it be that the queen is starting to mellow as she ages or does she simply admire qualities in Michelle that she sees in herself?” After all, if you mix brilliance, strength and confidence with a little bit of kindness the two women make the perfect pair!

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